I Can

“Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy.”  Fred De Witt Van Amburgh

I felt a wave  of gratitude and stopped what I was doing.  I took out my phone and wrote what I was thinking, why I felt this way, what I was grateful for. A grounding practice I am working on to maintain presence. To escape the shadow of the past and future and be present. It is hard to be haunted by thoughts when you are expressing gratitude. Impossible really.

There was a theme that was running through what I was grateful for. Two simple words that brought me much joy.

I can.

One syllable, simple yet elegant words.  The power that they contain is tremendous.

I can means choice. I can is in of itself a positive affirmation. Empowerment.

Take away a mans freedom and you take away so much of his choice. His ability to say, “I can…”. You do not realize how important this is until it is gone.

I’ve done so much I’ve enjoyed since my release. The living of life in as wide a fashion as possible. Some experiences minor, things in the past I took for granted. Experiences seen through a different lens. One of gratitude, a sense of what makes life life. Presence in the moment. The knowledge of what a miracle each moment is.

Having lunch with a friend, because I can. Going to a museum, because I can. Hitting golf balls at Chelsea Piers, because I can.  Writing because I can.

So what will I do tomorrow and the day after, not sure. And it doesn’t necessarily matter. What matters is I can.

I can has two different connotations. One in which I literally can. A physical connotation of doing something. The other is more spiritual. More emotional and with that a broad, hard to pinpoint definition. But both have another piece of the equation. Something that truly bring the magic out. Not only, I can, but I will, and I did.

Action. Doing.

This journey has no end, no destination. My life will evolve. What was is done. Written in the pages of the universe, existing only within my mind. What is to come is unknown and often time frightening. Fear for the sake of fear.  Thankfully within that fear lies excitement.  Experiences and people will come and go, life will change.

But I hope this mentality to be wowed by two simple words never escapes me.

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