One Year Ago…

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my release from Otisville Federal Prison. One year ago yesterday one chapter ended and another began.

I took the train to Katonah and had lunch with my dad and stepmom. Two of the many people that without their love and support I am not sure I could have made it through. We talked, we laughed. I watched as the train I had planned on taking back to the city passed by. Happy to know I had another hour to spend with them.

Returning to the city I met my friend in Union Square. Her friend was visiting from Russia. It was a pleasure to meet her. We took the L to Williamsburg, wanting to show her the Manhattan skyline. Taking advantage of the opportunity to be a tourist in our own city. We stood at the waters edge, the city lights reflected in the current.  The wind was cold and steady. The skyline was beautiful. Always is. I’ve seen it many times, never has it ceased to amaze me.

Walking the streets feeling the aliveness of the city, the energy that sits in the air. We went to a restaurant, wine and food flowed. We discussed innovation, creativity, the silly and the absurd.

The end of the night came and we parted ways. Tired, and with a pleasant buzz I sat on my couch. Athena sitting next to me. I watched two episodes of South Park. I laughed out loud and could feel the power of laughter flowing through my body.

The chapter that closed cannot hurt me without my consent. It still does, it’s a process of healing. The chapter may be closed, but the lessons remain. And I am grateful for them.

Going to bed, grateful for this life. Grateful for my family and my friends. Grateful for freedom. Without which none of this was possible.  I was not celebrating an anniversary. I was celebrating life and freedom. Doing my best to write the best next chapter I can.

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