A Wish for You

She opens the car door gently and slides into the seat. The smell of leather, tobacco, and oil sit in the air. Hands on the wooden wheel she feels the history of thousands of miles course through her veins. The dashboard laid out before her. Black dials, white numbers. Purposeful and beautiful. The burled walnut as fresh as the day it was cut.

The dark blue paint hinting towards purple and black. The camel interior warm and inviting, each crack in the leather a story.

The sound of the ocean breaking on the shore. Seagulls dot the sky. The spring air is fresh, the ocean breeze caresses her hair. The sun, sitting high in the sky, glistening in her blond hair.

The moment envelopes her, warmth emanating from her heart. Without going anywhere she travels a great distance. A little girl, so full of life, dancing and dreaming. Growing up so far from this place. The distance, physically and mentally so vast, how did she get here?

The hunger to travel. The need. Adventures, experiences. Making love to life. Saying yes. Every choice a step, small, big, all of them a step. Sitting in this car, now, an unknown road before her. The Pacific her only marker.

Leaving safety, family, the comfort of language, a job that provided her with the lifestyle she had longed for. Boyfriends, lovers, love given and received, love lost. The journey of life and the heart.

Looking out at the ocean, the sun’s rays dancing on the water. She thinks of him. A man she never met, but who’s blood runs through hers. Pictures she’s seen, stories she’s been told. An adventurer, a badass. Sitting behind the wheel, a smile comes across her face. Her fingers grip a little tighter. She may not have known him, but his soul dances with hers. His hands guiding hers.

All the colors of life blending together in harmony. All of it creating more than the sum of its parts. Her smile widens. It’s the smile one smiles when you know you are exactly where you are meant to be.

A voice breaks the trance.

“You ready to do this?”

She leaves the ocean, only for a second to look at her. She’s grateful she’s here, to be a part of this, to make the adventure complete.

“Hell yes,” she replies, turning the key, a key that so many others have turned. The car too, having its own path. Every turn, every mile, every decision by every driver, creating this moment. The universe bringing it all together.

The engine sparks to life. The smell of gas and oil interwoven with the ocean air. Hand on the wooden gear shifter, foot on the clutch, she slips it into first. With a feeling that only a car from a certain time can give, she lifts the clutch and presses the gas.

The car leaves what was behind and heads toward an unknown future. The car doesn’t care. A car knows nothing of its past, or where it’s going. It goes where it’s pointed. A powerful machine, but without direction, its tires just spin. The driver in control of everything.

Not knowing the lefts and the rights, the ups, and the downs, only knowing that they will be there. And that they will be just fine. Worrying about impending bumps in the road is to miss this moment.

With this, she smiles at Anna as the speedometer moves up and to the right. Knowing this is how life is meant to be lived.

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